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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I'll be sure to submit my creations as soon as possible!



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Loving the looks added - keep posting everyone! :D
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So I`ll just put mine down here

Warrior of Blue
Rh1: Irithyll Straight Sword or Moonlight Greatsword
Lh1: Crest Shield
Helm: Outrider Knight Helm
Armor: Wolf Knight Armor
Gauntlets: Wolf Knight Gauntlets
Leggings: Outrider Knight Leggings
Head piece: Pharis's Hat
Chest piece: Shadow Garb
Hand piece: Fire Keeper Gloves
Leg piece: Loincloth

Sport a Dragonslayer Greatbow and you're lookin hot ;)
Totally using this.
sunset helm

armor of thorns

black knight guantlets

lorians leggings
Would this set look good or bad?

Sunset Helm
Brass Armour
Brigand Gauntlets
Xanthous Trousers
It looked okay but the crass armor look kinda off. I would recommend using the Xanthous Armor or even just the Sunset Armor.
What do you think?:

Lorians Greatsword

Hood of Prayer
Lorians Chest
Black Gauntlets
Lorians Legs
Farron Deserter
>Undead Legion Helm
>Black Hand Armor
>Undead Legion Gauntlets
>Knight Leggings

Way of Blue Crusader
>Nameless Knight Helm
>Wolf Knight Armor
>Silver Knight Gauntlets
>Knight Leggings
>Any of the blue Crest Shields

Knightess in Shining Armor
>Black Mask
>Dancer's Armor
>Silver Knight Gauntlets
>Knight Leggings

Female Paladin
>Sunless Veil
>Fire Witch Armor
>Fire Witch Gauntlets
>Knight Leggings




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I've made a few screenshots using the armour compilations you posted. How do you want to be credited for them once I submit them?