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Until you start to use the high stance forward roll with beautiful iFrames. Then he's a punk, and you drop him like heroin in the 90s.
This is the best advice by far. High stance is much better against him than anything else.
There is a very easy way to cheese him. Use the rock to avoid all his bull*****, bait him, and once open drain his stamina quickly and grapple him. This works beautifully with axe and heaven and earth. Yokai water pots can also help.
My take on him was to try and bait his i-ai attacks and then roll out and attack with high stances. The use for high stances was due to middle stance not interupting his attacks,the ones that can be interrupted, plus the second and third hit of the chain are good to catch him when he tries to roll. If he didn't do a i-ai strike I would wait until his combo finished to start my combos.His most problematic part was when he summoned his guardian spirit because there is a chance that the dog can get a second swing and hit you while you aren't expecting it,the problem being that the dog gives a status ailment that messes up with your movements,sometimes not letting you dodge when you want.When his stamina got to zero I would do a light attack for him to fall then do a light attack followed by a heavt by a light one,I found that it gives more damage than impaling against human enemies. Finally I used water talismans coupled with guardian seals,the latter was because if it hits him when he isn't doing his uninterruptible attacks it would knock him down,allowing for a backstab,while the first was to combine with my guardian spirit at the time,the shark,so I could give him some status ailments which also boosted my damage.I was just around the recommended lv for the mission,so I would say he's a fair boss,but that may be due to me having onmyo skills at the time.
the best use for the guradian spirit talismans is just after knocking him down and landing a critical, as hes gettig up use the talisman and it should catch him for another knock down crtical, 2 for the price of 1
A previous commenter mentioned a similar strategy, but I thought I'd elaborate upon it. If you are having trouble fighting Tachibana normally, then the best bet for winning is probably the following. I found any kusarigama in high stance works best with this strategy. Run over to the rock on the left side of the arena and Tachibana will follow you. Kite him around the rock until he is on the opposite side of the rock from you (meaning the rock is in between you and him), follow this by baiting him to one side (this will usually be done by running briefly to one end of the rock), once you see him commit to the direction you baited then position yourself such that you will be at the corner of the rock opposite to the one in which he is coming from. As you see him round the corner use the heavy attack on the kusarigama. Run to a safe place around the rock and allow him to perform the attack he wants. Rinse and repeat until he is dead. The one downfall to this strategy is that it is very slow. You must be patient in order for this to work as the core of this strategy is to land a single hit then run away.
drops the text for the bow of the west
Frustrated trying to fight him. Feels like he has infinite stamina sometimes.. but I can keep going. Just frustrated. Read the tips, thank you for showing a strategy. He is just frustrating.
Update: I beat him. Oh my geez. I am so happy and beaten down. Thanks for the tips, but I just ran around him using Raikiri and strafing around the rock. Patience is key.
I made a video demonstrating strafing around the rock to tire him out. Quite easy once you get the method down.

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