The smithing text for the swords for the Sparrow whatever set drop from Bovine Demon's. And the bellowing tenryu smithing text drops from Tome's great (not sure how great exactly) grandfather in that one mini rush mission.
You can also get the 'Warrior of the West Bow' Smithing Text dropped by 'Tachibana Muneshige' in 'An Invitation From the Warrior of the West' mission in Kyushu Region (probably also in The Two Kings mission)
You can also get the 'Ebony Armor' Smithing Text dropped by 'Obsidian Samurai' in 'Samurai from Sawayama' mission in Omi region
Anyone know at what point the certain patronage levels unlock? Currently on 17/17 for sell price markup but the wiki says it goes to 20? On the Omi region now.