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I beat the first boss and saw a message that Blacksmith and something else were available (co-op maybe?), but I see no way on the map screen or at a shrine to actually smith anything? Do I need to start the second main mission?
Need to go back to the world map and select the starting point. Same place you did your Dojo training tutorial.
Another quick way to get to the starting point is to just press O on the missions select screen, this will put you on the starting point
I am going insane trying to find anyone else who has had this happen. When I talked to the blacksmith she asked me if I wanted to meet the "Legendary Blacksmith Muramasa" and I said yes. She then told me that she doesn't know where he is and asked me to find him. I've looked but just can't find him but nobody else on any site I've checked has even mentioned this so I am going crazy. Has anyone else had this happen?



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Yes, it's likely going to be a quest but it is not available in the demo so there's nothing you can do about it now.
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Your not I she said it to me as well no idea where he is though.


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You are telling the truth.

I seriously had her say a comment randomly while talking to her that her "great grandfather" is none other than THE Muramasa, and that this is his workshop. She then said he had gone missing and wants to find him. I hope this is a major secret no one has found yet, OR it could be forthcoming DLC.

Either way, if you know anything about swords, you know Muramasa's demon blades are the things of legend. Some say even superior to Masamune's, and that they crave blood.
I just did. A quest in the tokai region called the trail of the master basicaly you save
muramasa from a bath house and I nlo k him
i saw when someone found him. he was in a mission at the end in a small room. i know the info is***** but dont know more.
Senji Muramasa, Senji Tome's grandpa, is found in sub mission "The Trail of the Master" in Region 4 Tokai. If you go in be prepared to fight a Flying Bolt and Raven Tengu at the same time as the boss for this misson.
Also, it should be noted that once you locate Senji Muramasa, Tome's grandfather, he also has patronage perks. The same points you use with Tome can be used with him, so IMO it's best to save them up for when you find him; since he has a perk to reduce the cost of soul forging. Just a little FYI.
i don't undertstand "additional special find", can someone explain it?
There's a special finds tab in Tome's shop.
don't forget to talk to tome and muramasa, every once in a while when the exclamation mark shows up indicating new points have been added, you can talk to them and they'll ask you questions. you reply and you have a shot at getting additional patronage points. i've gotten 10 points on a single well answered question before.
As of 1.06 if Muramasa has been found, talking to Tome repeatedly (just mash X) can reward patronage points over and over. Sometimes it'll take 20 seconds, sometimes it'll take a minute or two but the points will come. Easiest way to get the trophy instead of spending 20+ million gold to unlock them naturally.
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