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I made 2 videos, showing the locations of all the Kodamas in the Isle of Demons level, both in the Alpha and the Beta. You may find them useful :)
Alpha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73mhUihSNvM
Beta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDxbVagVvmg
can someone provide a more 'locatable' kodama point?
it can be difficult to follow your 'path' from the first to the last one.
please do not refer locations from the previous one, it is tedious for someone to find a specific kodama.
Am I misunderstanding something about the swordsman and warrior blessing or are they woefully under-powered compared to the others? Particularly Oracle in mid to late game, and Healer in the early game.

I was thinking is the probability maybe additive? i.e. Swordsman blessing gives 5% drop chance, if a monster normally has a 10% chance of dropping a weapon, it would then be 10+5 = 15% chance (i.e. a 50% increase in this case, which is closer to the other 3 blessings). But if it applies multiplicatively so it becomes 10 * 1.05 = 10.5%, it just seems like a garbage tier blessing.

Anyone have any drop rate data, or official word on how it works?
Know this is a late reply but the armor and weapon boons are so much lower because they increase the chances of getting higher rarity equipment, decreasing the chance of trash drops. Might not seem like much with the low numbers but the chances of an enemy dropping equipment are actually very high, it's just likely to be a lame drop. With maxed out kodama blessings you can lower the chance to find a lower rarity item by 5% and increase the chances to find blue or better by that same percentage.
amrita earned blessing doesnt show up right in status in game
I hate these little bstards. Babies are not cute, especially little down syndrome green things with bamboo twigs and Russian looking cup-hats on them. Wish they had been something else, like baby crocodiles, or cute rice balls, or anything really. Kodama are sh!t.
I like them, they are cute af
You are basically in the extreme minority mate.

Like so extreme you probably should of kept your mouth shut.