By Anonymous
This *****er is the hardest boss in the game and they decided to make him the first one. I think it killed me 8 times during the twilight mission :/
By Anonymous
git gud
By Anonymous
Easily the easiest boss.
By Anonymous
"easiest boss" sure thing chief, easiest than the first boss...
By Anonymous
He's weak to wind and water damage. Try to bait his forward ball toss in his first phase and his three swipe combo where he flops over at the second phase for some hits. Also use your living weapon ability. It just ATE his stam so I could stagger the***** out of him with my regular attacks.
By Anonymous
when i managed to poison him it was ticking 110 damage every second so i believe hes weak to that. my friend and i managed to stun lock him with out guardian spirits (mine being mizuchi and his was daiba-washi)
By Anonymous
Fire was not super effective against this man. I should have tried other elements.
I never checked if weapon buffs applied before entering the stage maintain once you enter.
His attacks are easy to read once he reaches Stage 2, so play cautious and get behind him when able. Keep away from corners so you don't get stuck.
If you run low on elixirs, check the crates and vases in the stage.
By Anonymous
The buffs remain
By Anonymous
I think I thought this dude about 10 times now counting Main and Side Missions. So boring and annoying.
By Anonymous
I assume the Bosses origin within japanese culture is derived from the concept of "Onryo" (d'uh) (see also: "Onryo" on Wikipedia).
Quote: "In traditional beliefs of Japan and in literature, onryō (literally "vengeful spirit", sometimes"wrathful spirit" refers to a ghost believed capable of causing harm in the world of the living, harming or killing enemies, or even causing natural disasters to exact vengeance to redress the wrongs it received while alive then takes their spirits from their dying bodies."

I'm not registered here, so please add ths assumption as trivia, if the rules of this page allow that.
By Anonymous
Go for the ***
By Anonymous
If you throw a rock at his face it will break his horns off and cause him to fall to the ground, opening him up for some attacks, careful though because he makes a forward attack when he stands up
By Anonymous
From my experience of several hours, I think I've got him down to a T.

First phase, just rush near to him. He usually flings a ball (Right or left are possible) to the ground and is easy to side step and reach behind. You can strike IF you have a quick weapon with low stance, but do not greed. Always ANTICIPATE for a second attack after the first fling. He's more vulnerable after a second attack. You'll get the hang of the first phase soon.

SECOND phase. The trick is to ALWAYS hug a wall on your LEFT and RUN to the RIGHT with a bit of BACKWARDS. If you do this, none of his attacks will hit. He has 2 attacks that summons Yokai realm, one is a single hit, other is a 3 hit combo. Single hit leaves him vulnerable for a short time, you can attack but don't greed. His 3 hit combo has black smoke around his hands so you'll know it's the 3 hit combo. This one you can do a full light attack combo and back off. Take it slow and keep kiting anticlockwise. Safest bet is to attack when he summons the Yokai realm.