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What are the numbers on bottom above amrita amount...next to round things?


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On the world map when ur about to do a mission wut does them two houses at the top right mean
The Green house is a Shrine. It tells you if that mission has one. And the other is the Tori gate. Im not so sure about it, but has something to do with summoning, for coop play.
Some answers for the stuff on the map..
The 2 house like things near the mission title is to let you know if you can Tori Gate or summon someone from the shrine. I think the green one is the gate and the gold one is the shrine.
Bottom right icons
No idea what the box icon is
Shrine like icon that is Glory - used at the tea house earned from co-op or righting reverent/blood stains
2 circles are gold coins - used for the black smith
Flame like icon is Amrita - used for leveling up

Box icons are room in storage
I bought the game yesterday physical copy but my question is can i get the crimson master armor or is it only available for online digital copy
I checked the boons for dlc it said no dlc available???
I bought the game yesterday at Gamestop and it had the code for the crimson armor DLC on my receipt.

First I had to go into the PS Store (outside of the game) to redeem the code.

Then in-game I had to go to the shrine and use the 'boons' option and the armor showed up.
How do I delete a character?
Game Save Data Management on your PS4 system menu
For Some reason i only see developers revenants and no player revenants. Am i doing something wrong ?
It could be that you're not playing online.
"I have purchased all perks through Tome and Muramasa but I still have perk points can I use them for anything else?" You can use the patronage points to pay for soul matching instead of using the standard in-game money
Can you play Nioh with a keyboard and mouse on ps4?