By Anonymous
Hey guys how do I keep count on the number of arrows or ammunition I have in the game ?
By Anonymous
Help please so hard to keep track of them arrows and ammunition
By Anonymous
When you aim with your bow or gun check in the bottom right corner of the screen and it'll have an ammo counter
By Anonymous
best game of 2017 period but where is my f....n dlc....i have complete edition (with 3 dlc)i beat 100 eyes and nothing i checked booms and nothing i need do somethin else
By Anonymous
Should just be part of your map. if you have it on ps4, make sure they downloaded from the psn store.
By leoknight
This game is definetely different and not in the least a dark souls clone!
I would rather compare it to Onimusha 4 (Dawn of Dreams) and Ninja Gaiden.

Soul players might have issues to adjust to a different fighting system and since rpg elements become more crucial...

If you like the Samurai-Setting its definetely worth playing =)
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By Rakuyo
Nioh = Souls 60% + Onimusha 30% + Dynasty Warriors 10%.

Add to that an equipment management system for which there is no precedent and you've got it.
By Anonymous
Only if they've never played Bloodborne leo.
By Anonymous
It has also these Diablo elements in it. It is impossible to do a playthrough with your starting gear. Literally IMPOSSIBLE! The Soulsborne series was made in way that you could even make it with your fists only. No matter how good you are Nioh bosses will whoop the ground with you if your gear is bad. So 60% quite a stretch. It's more 30% SB from my perspective.
By Anonymous
The equipment is a bigger deal here, but it's quite easy to get good leveled armor. Just challenge a few revenants. Esp the many dudes who wear warrior of the west gear.
By Anonymous
I've been calling it ninja souls. It's quite obviously made on that platform. Fun game but overwhelming number of items collected.
By Chinhanvo
I has complete all main mission wots . But wotd is not unlocked . Status is filled . Complete queen eye too .
By Anonymous
Do you have the first DLC? I encountered the same problem until I downloaded it, I think it's need to unlock WOTD and above.
By endless172
I liked Nioh but I didn't find it as enjoyable as Dark Souls. The way Dark Souls immerses you into its lore and world was the main draw for me, so being pulled out of it made Nioh a little less enjoyable. The whole amrita system is ripped straight out of Dark Souls but I don't think it should be. As it is, it doesn't fit the narrative and is the main offender that pulls me out of the experience. Die twice and all your amrita disappears doesn't make sense when there aren't many creatures actively gathering or even have the ability to gather the stuff. I could be wrong but the way I understood the story, you need a spirit animal to collect amrita. So instead of it all disappearing when you die twice, why not give the player a choice when they die. At the shrine you respawn at, give the player the option to pray for the spirits return, thus sacrificing the collected amrita it's protecting but giving them access to their spirit powers or trekking back to their spot of death. However, while on that trek, not only do they not have access to their spirit powers, they also can't collect amrita. You could also tie the ki pulse and other actions like magic to the spirit as well, giving the player a sense of how important the spirit is and how dangerous creatures like Oni are without their spirit.
By Anonymous
duno why you got down voted so much since this is a way better idea than what they did and makes way more sense contextually
By Anonymous
why are normal guards oneshooting me in the last dlc when it is meant to be played right after the 2nd one in which one I had no problems whatsoever? How am I supposed to proceed here? Play further in NG+? Get better gear to return to this mission? Running a standart Red Demon build.
By Anonymous
Why do so many people compare this to souls? I understand comparing a mechanic to another to make sense of it but every game is it's own thing.
By Anonymous
Probably because it's quite obviously built on the souls platform. It's a great game but don't act like it's an original game, it is however an original and fun take on the souls platofrm. I've been calling it ninja souls.
By Anonymous
Really? Come on dude. We're living in a time where f*cking Crash Bandicoot gets compared to Dark Souls. Everything gets compared to Dark Souls!
By Anonymous
It's more or less how Soulsborne is the face of its own subgenre, and games like Nioh are clearly based on the frame of the series. It's not a ripoff, to clarify. Just similar enough to be compared to it, which is honestly a very good thing. As for comparing everything to souls, that's a trend set by game journalists mostly. You know the type, only playing a game for 3 minutes and calling it dark souls if they die to the tutorial too many times. Just let that industry rot, I say. Nioh is its own thing and does things better and worse than DaS without trying to clone it. Kudos to team ninja
By Anonymous
Because it quite clearly has Souls DNA in it. But it's not only Souls. It is also Ninja Gaiden and Monster Hunter(focus on rng loot and grind + arpg) and who knows what else. Nioh has a diverse fan of games it got inspired by ; Souls are perhaps the most readily observable.
By Anonymous
Hard to get solid advice/guides on this site when half the pages aren't finished and comments that don't praise the game get downvoted to hell
By Anonymous
Time to slap this community in the face. First of all, THIS IS NOT A SOULS LIKE. This game takes literally 2 elements from DarkSouls, “Bonfires” (Shrines) and MAYBE the leveling system. This game owes more to Diablo than DarkSouls, but even then, this is its own game! Second, this is the LAZIEST fextralife page I’ve ever seen. You all complain about how it’s missing so much, waiting for someone to add it, well guess what thunder *****s!? ITS A WIKI, YOU ARE THE ONES WHO ADD THE MISSING PAGES YOU LAZY *****WITS! Okay, rant over
By Anonymous
Lol keep trying. The developers themselves have openly and repeatedly admittedly the influence of Dark Souls series for this game in MULTIPLE INTERVIEWS!!! Do you fools even read?! Game was in development hell for a DOZEN years until they decided take the direction that they did. Also take those simple "two" features from Souls and you get just another action game.
By Anonymous
You just described a soulslike my guy. Stop acting like it's a bad thing, all it means is the game was influenced by the souls series for better or worse. In this case, for the better. I will never understand the weird elitism and denial that makes people think borrowing ideas from other games doesn't possibly exist
By Anonymous
Owes more to Diablo? Wtf you mentioning that? We call it Souls-like because of the high diffculty reward and Nioh took more than 2 elements from Dark Souls, my dude. Yeah they're different in ways, but they've got a lot in common.
By Anonymous
You're complaining about people who are complaining that the wiki is unfinished. Guess what you make the pages. Don't complain if you aren't gonna do anything.
By Anonymous
Trash dark souls wanna be clone. Game for casual weaboos.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
and which trash are you cloning from?