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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

there's one missing The Buffalo like Spirit where is it and whats it called
It hasn't been seen outside of video yet, so we don't have name. I believe there's more than one new spirit as well.
How to use the spirits?
On ps4 it's triangle and circle held togeather. Probably Y and B on Xone
Circle + Triangle when the meter in the top left is full.

tabien comes another spirit of a girl with wings on his head
There's also a dragon spirit but i can't recall its name just that its owner is the bull spirit owner's father or something
There was a Bunny spirit I earned in the demo just last night.
Paired Raiken
I uploaded this picture so someone can try and fill in the gaps in this list:




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Will do that ASAP :D Thanks!
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I think we're missing shink(deer)
The removed "Table key" was useful.

Might Rate at which the Living Weapon gauge decreases if you are hit while using the Living Weapon.
Action Rate at which the Living Weapon gauge is reduced when you consume Ki while using the Living Weapon. The higher it is, the more you can use it.
Atlas Bear
Recovery Rate at which the Living Weapon gauge recovers when you absorb Amrita while using a Living Weapon.
Tenacity The effectiveness of a Living Weapon that is active when your Life is under a certain level.
Amrita Gauge Rate The rate at which you gain Amrita. The higher it is, the quicker the gauge fills. When the Amrita gauge hits maximum, you can invoke a Living Weapon.



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Will add an explanation back
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