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As a lover of Japanese folklore, Yokai, and games such as OTOGI being some of my favorites. This Dark Souls type atmosphere and combat married with traditional Japanese mysticism and folklore is almost too flawless a dream come true; the alpha gave me a world like no other. So much homework has been put into the lore, from actual weapon smiths to exact replicas and romaticized versions of their weapons. This will be the sleeper hit of 2016-17.
Then comes Red Dead Redemption 2 this year, which will swept away awesome games like RE7 and Nioh and automatically apply as GOTY!
Try Onimusha series think u will like it!!!
I agree, kind of disappointing for ingame onmyo magic elements not being based on the five phases of classical yin-yang-theory, though
I can't find the answer anywhere yet, so does anyone know what elements are stronger or weaker against what other elements yet? Water seems good against fire-based enemies, and the wiki says that fire is somehow good against the water-based umi-bozu, and lightning is very effective against the sentry enemies (stone warriors), so where's the pattern? All I've found is that if you use an element of the same type as the yoki you're fighting it either does no damage or miniscule damage. I got a kusarigama with earth damage and the earth damage does not affect the nurikabe, wall enemies, whatsoever. I thought maybe if you use the opposite element it is especially effective, but there are FIVE elements. If water and fire are opposites, and so are lightning and earth, what's the opposite of wind?
I don't have exact answer, but in many japanese games elements are not oposites, rather it's circle of which element is stronger than which, i.e. something like water --> Fire --> Wind --> lightning --> earth --> water.
But can't find any solid info of exactly how it is implemented in NIOH. Hate when game is hidding such basic info.

Guess we have to test it ourself - good test would be Three gods mission, there are major bosses of fire, water and wind element, so we can test how omnyo shoot magic affects them.
I was wrong - doesn't seems to play with element afinity in general, but rather each type of yokai is weak to specific elements. For example - The Three angry gods mission - while each boss was of different element and was resisting to that specific element, they all were weakes to earth - but like 25 % weaker than to other elements.

So it's more about enemy type. Stone Warriors are weak to elements in general, but about 3 times weaker to water actualy - if lighting did 300 dmg, water did 1000. Grave robbers were weakest to fire and big weapon (ogre) wielding yokai to earth.
Maybe to late when you need that info. But once you have killed a enemy, you can check out its weakness in the option.
The one enemy type heavily affected by elemental buffs are the Amerita Yokai (with the crystals coming out of their backs). For them, you can attack them with the same element. Every hit will make the cystals glow more, and after a couple of hits they'll collapse and explode (damaging you if you're too close)
Was wondering if the elemwntal shots have been added, and what mission we unlock at?
Its me the O.P. i found out after defeating "The Spirit Stone Slumbers" it unlocks the quest to get the elemental shots
Is it just me, or do shockwave talismans do NOTHING?
considering those do Ki damage. they are about as useful as the samurai weapon skills that do the same thing. although those also use just as much of your Ki as it takes away from an enemy usually.
Missing "shot talismans" they are unlcoked after the 3rd main mission. Then complete the mission with the NPC you meet in that mission to teach you how to use them. Each one of the Onmyo Magic Dojo quests unlocks new types.
" Awakening Enables you to instantly cast any Onmyo Magic you use on yourself. Also increases the casting speed of Onmyo Magic you use on others."

Anyone know what mission it is to unlock this Magic? Or how late in the game? I am level 80 and still don't have this skill unlocked.
its the veteran dojo mission. i think you need 20 points in magic to start this. and the mission itself is automaticly there when you progress through the game.
Awakening Enables you to instantly cast any Onmyo Magic you use on yourself. Also increases the casting speed of Onmyo Magic you use on others.

Magic Mystc Arts Unlocks in Region 6 after completing the "A greater Harmony" Dojo mission, which is unlocked when you complete " A Mountain of Remorse" (Level 124 mission).
If I level up Magic does it give me more onmyo magic capacity automatically?
yes, if you level up you can see in the level up table how many magic slots you have before and after the level up



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As an Onmyo user is it best to specialize in one elemental magic? Or is it really more of a "learn all of these" type of thing...

I haven't played yet and I'm curious about the onmyo magic.
Actually, no! It's kind of encouraged in the skill tree to really branch out, since all the base elemental talismans only cost one skill point. Either case is really fine, and as far as I can tell you can balance this out with elemental weapons as well (since the talismans override the weapon's current elemental damage).