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Why this shield?
Why not?
Cosplay = an excuse to use the Carthus Curved Sword, I suppose?
Decent, light... Parry.
Better than the Golden falcon I have right now.
Why leave dumb questions how about that?



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Imagine this, guy swings like crazy, you think he's out of stamina. So you roll in get hit once and get staggered, losing the chance to hit him. But! If you had a shield and the guy was not using a greatsword, you could get hit once for smaller damage without getting staggered and then retaliate swiftly.
Best shield of Dark souls 3
Best place to farm it is from the Catacombs of Carthus bonfire, go to the right and you will find two of them.
buu WHYYY would you farm this???
Kinda looks a little like the shields Roman soldiers use in Atilla Total War??? Maybe just the shape of it.
Only if the use MASSIVE turd.
Wait, at plus 10 this has 90 stability ? Woah


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I'm suddenly skeptical of the wiki page but I don't want to waste all those materials on a shield I'll never use (plus I don't have any endgame characters on this computer) just to test it.
looks a bit like a Zulu shield
i forgot this thing existed, only got 1 dropped during 800 hours playing
IMO this is basically a crappy version of the Wooden Shield in both looks and performance. It weighs the same at 2.5, but blocks an average of 3% less, has even less stability when fully upgraded, and looks like a rounded turd. Even the East-West & Blue Wooden Shield are better than this shield.