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Fixed issue where skills could be performed even when a certain amount of FP was not available.
If you use Havel's shield anyway then this is far superior due to the substantially lower FP cost, however, it doesn't look as cool as iron flesh.
(Testing without armor with 0 absorption) not only does this increase all physical absorption to 40.000 this also lowers lightening absorption to -60.000


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big deal. no one uses ligtning lol



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"big deal. no one uses ligtning lol" Sunlight Spear with 60 FTH, Mornes Ring, Ring Of Sun's Firstborn, Lightning Clutch ring, your *****ing dead.
Some guy used this in the arena. 2 lightning arrows and he was dead. Not exaggerating.



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Does this ability stack with Iron Flesh, or do they cancel each other?
It cancel others one.
i know it doesnt stack with iron flesh but can it stack with other buffs like Carthus Beacon?