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40 is the soft-cap and I don't see any point in going past that point


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for faith and magic soft cap isn't 40 but 60
still, I don't see the point of spending 20+ points in faith just for a healing miracle, since you can use tears with 15 faith and dorothy's is a dark miracle (meaning it scales with 40int 40faith)


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I tried this build, but can't get these stats at level 120. Need 15 more
I want to reallocate my points. I have chosen a Pyro and I guess i was not following the correct path:

vigor 60, attu12, endu29,vita55,stre55, dex30, inte15, faith14, luck9. I need an expert to guide me with my points so I can go and beat some asses.

Vigor: 39
Attunement: 28-40
Endurance: 10-30
Vitality: Low as possible.
Strength: Low as possible (Depends if you're going full pyro or hybrid, still reccomend to have it at 10 for the Longsword which is incredibly good when Chaos infused.)
Dexterity: Same as Strength.
Intellect: 40
Faith: 40
Luck: Low as possible.
what is a good set of armor for the build
If you're a female No helm/ Black Knight Gauntlets/ Fire keeper robe/ Black Knight Leggings looks pretty epic
How should I allocate my estus flasks?
I make both even
The highest FAITH requirement spells are at 45 for Soothing sunlight and Lightning Storm and the INT requirement for spells is 50 for White dragon breath, though 48 is the real important one as its CCS.

There is no reason for FAITH to be 60 as pyro stats reach their softcap by 40/40. Best to put the last 20 points into stuff like endurance for more stamina, vitality if you want some heavier armor/weapons and don't want to fat roll, or STR/DEX if you want to wield some GSs or UGSs
Why intelligence?
you need intelligence and faith for pyromancy.
The fire dmg scales with int/faith, increase both of them is the best way to increase fire and dark dmg.
some retad wrote this. SHORTBOW FOR PULLING?! really? fextracancer.
in the ringed city swamp part (not the dreg heap swamp) to get to the shortcut back to the ringed streets bonfire you can fight 3 ringed knights at once, or pull them out one by one by attacking from a distance with your shortbow... hardly dumb
You can only if you call them. If you run straight to the left side of the half-submerged church, they don't even see you, no one of them
I mean, if killing them slowly is how you play this build works.. xD
Help! I would like to rearrange my stats. I'm al level 80, and looking for some advise to increase int and fth, but be capable of taking some hits. This are my current stat: vig 20, att 20, end 12, vit 20, str 20, dex 20, int 25, fth 25, luck 7. I'm also wanting to use the carthus curved great sword, but guess need to put more str. I don't want to level up