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Pic is yoel not the pilgrim tho they do look alike. small nitpick. will try to upload a pic of the right one
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i got to the church and Anri was there but the pilgrim not there, i hit all the statues and none came out of the statue. and Anri already left the church, can somebody help me??
Same thing here, really need some help.
Same thing here. Any help?
Having the same problem, no helpers?
I'm assuming none of you followed Yoel's questline and then Yuria's? The only thing i can think of is if you failed either Yoel's or Yuria's questline and as such the pilgrim wouldn't appear as she's part of Yuria's questline.
The pilgrim is the one who kills Anri. Because, if you kill the pilgrim, Anri lives.
Not necessarily, the pilgrim could just be watching Anri as the page says, it could just be that once you kill Pontiff and Anri heads towards Aldrich the pilgrim calls for the pale shade of londor to kill them since they're walking right beside where the "marriage" is supposed to take place.
I got to the Church talked to Anri and left withour killing pilgrim. Then i go to the boss and there is her summon sing. Can someone explain this to me?
Btw. i did go to the catacombs first but everything should be fine anyway right?
It's okay, you're doing things right, for a questline to progress you have to kill a boss so technically Anri is still alive.
There is name "Old Woman of Londor" in game files (list of NPCs from Data1.bdt)
Will the sword of Avowal drop if I kill him when I'm supposed to marry Anri. I'm just curious. I'm also too lazy to playthough with a new character / go to next ng to find out but I don't want to risk usurpation ending either. If someone knows or is willing to find out, please do tell.
Will she spawn if Yuria of Londor already dead before we got to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley?
Yes, cure hollow then kill Yuria and she there at Church of Yorshka with Anri
Summoned a player to the church to help with the pontiff, but the dude just killed the assassin and ruined the usurpation of fire ending I’ve been working for.



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Phantoms can't interact with NPCs so I'm going to call BS on that.
I don't get it.

I killed Horrace - told Anri location of Horrace
He gave me the ring at the catacombs
I exhaust his dialogue and leave (I did not even look for the Pilgrim statue, didn't know it existed)
I killed Pontiff
Went to Anor londo and there is no summon sign to help Anri

What did I miss ?
Gah, apparently you need to kill the pilgrim when you first see Anri at the church. When I went to the chamber the pilgrim was dead and Anri was also dead on the ground further up.

Man I hate the questlines in this game lol.
failed the questline for the same reason. Apparently DS3 was made with having to read a walkthrough in mind. Not so great design there for sure.
You literally said what you missed. Can't skip the pilgrim hiding as a statue, it's crucial.
I think where you messed up was telling Anri where Horace was your supposed to say nothing and not kill the pilgrim