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With my personal hypermode setup, I was able to reach 1800 AR with the drakeblood greatsword. If you are curious as to how, my psn is: TheChickenReturn
split damage dramatically reduces damage taken by opposing players, for example, even though the lothric knight greatsword has a higher AR than the greatsword, the greatsword somehow does more damage. stupid but true
damage is calculated for every resistance, so the damage of the drakeblood is resisted by fire, magic and physical resist, while the greatsword is only resisted by physical
I do 4000 damage on 1 swing. Stop crying kids
Mind if I ask how you build that? Looking into builds like this for the giggles.
offhand morion blade and cast tears of denial. use the white hair talisman instead of the pyromancy flame
What do you recommend using until you get the Sword? That's a bit off...
I was looking for a greatsword build for my first run of DS3 and let me tell you, I made a terrible mistake choosing this one. This build only becomes effective after you've beaten practically the entire game. Until that point, have fun being a glass cannon minus the cannon.
There is a easier way to actually get a higher attack range and still be a glass cannon, but requires you to make your own tactics and skills and require 50 strength and 30 faith( because of the whole glass thing).( I assuming glass means low health?) basically get Mornes great hammer +10 Morian blade( have to kill, or finishes Orbecks quest line after speaking to Yuria) Then get Sunlight straight sword to amplify DMG absorption and DMG. red Tear stone ring helps of course and the more faith the better, as well as strength. You should be able to do a lot more DMG as special attack, and fully charged R2 attack, and I'm not sure about R1 attacks, as I personaly don't like this build a lot.

PS: its optional, but to increase you resistance to certain, elements consider using great magic barrier, and Stone plate rings, thanks for reading