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The hammer variety that drops said hammer. Also should mention they stagger when rolled into.



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Does anybody know if the cleaver is available as a drop anywhere?
Sadly it isn't. It looks really cool too.
i think its the great machete the enemy that drops it uses another weapon



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It's not
We can't say for sure because it might be in an upcoming dlc. But for now it isn't.
You can stagger them just by rolling into them cuz abysmal poise.
Do they drop the cleaver in the dungeon
Took me SO damn long to get the harpe... Don't know why I bothered, because it's not even that great of a weapon fml
I got a Fire Gem drop from one of those yielding a cleaver and a lattern in the area with the burning corpses and the evangelist kneeling in fron of the fire, I have been fighting them a lot so I guess its a FEXTRA very rare drop.
True i got a fire gem too
Why we can't get their swords? Why?
I'd suggest the butcher's knife. It isn't what they carry, but it is connected to the worker's plot line.