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It worked u good
Is it possible to parry regularly with a spell parry shield?
Yes you can
Just 20 minutes ago I deflected a lightning bolt with a curved greatsword's light attack. Is this a glitch? Because when ai attacked the lightning bolt, it was as if I had casted lightning spear and the other enemy players took damage, but I didn't. I think I'm going to upload it to youtube.
I wonder if you can parry mutiple spells with one parry
i wonder if you can parry the spell another guy parried


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Yes, a spell can be parried multiple times.
You can parry two melee attacks at once


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It's worth noting that unlike melee parries, when using a spell parry shield you do not have to be facing the direction the attack is coming from. It will defect spells from 360 degrees around you, like a sort of force field.
You can parry 360 degrees around you with melee parries as well.
Yo can anyone tell me if you can parry magic weapons
Can you parry boss magic? and if so, how about beams and lasers?
no :/
FromSoft could have made it so it bounced back the spell OR you gained FP relative to the amount of FP it took to cast the spell. Neither option would have been overpowered. It just would have gave Spell Parry SOME use beyond just a cool thing to do. As it stands, there's virtually no reason to parry a spell instead of just dodging it outside of some really rare situations. What a missed opportunity.
so im guesssing how this works is like, you can parry a soul GS/Farron Flash Sword?


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Yes and no. Spell Parries are mainly meant for deflecting projectiles, and won't help against Soul Greatsword or its counterparts. However, if your parrying tool makes contact with the opponent's actual catalyst while they're using one of those spells, you can get a regular parry off on them