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He swung at me 9 times without pausing at all.
Got them stam stams



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I've been using the Dragonkin Mausoleum "Summoned Drakeblood Knight" method of soul farming for mats and levels and I still can't really manage to 1 hit him with a backstab even with over 600AR doing 'standard' damage(Yhorm's Great Machete) and the Hornet's Ring equipped. It's a little maddening to be honest.


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You can further boost damage with dragons roar. Get neked, but instead of doing kinky things, use the torso stone and assume dragon form. Use it again to roar. Items like Lloyds sword ring can buff damage too, better than stat buff rings can, as long as hp is full. You can also get low hp by symbol of avarice, or getting hit, and use the red tear stone ring. Various spell buffs can also boost your damage further, as long as your weapon is buffable.



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It seems the first drake knight summoned drop 8000 and after that just 4000 bug i think
I don't think it's a bug. I did some testing and noticed that after sitting at a bonfire first knight that is summoned will be stronger than the rest, having more def and dmg (and possibly hp, not sure about that though) and will drop more souls. (I did my testing in NG++ and I'm not sure if this is true to earlier NGs.)
I can successfully deduce that he has 50 Vigor, 40 Endurance.
I'm not sure about the rest but he has 18 (or more) Str & 16 (or more) Dex.

This guy is a good offline 1v1 training dummie (CPU) to learn the Drakeblood Greatsword match up. Which is a very underrated weapon with low stamina costs, fast hyper armor frames & is a beast buffed with Darkmoon Blade (anything is viable with Darkmoon Blade through).
about 1285-1287 hp (first play)
Why aren't they using the dragon shield
Its not all that important but why
They are dragon hunters
in a dragon area
summoned by a half dragon
surrounded by dragon men
right after a dragon boss fight
Makes more sense indeed. You also find it near a dead dragon and a lightning miracle. The whole scene screems "a Drakenblood knight was here". And this shield, the spirit tree crest shield on the images is strong AGAINST lightning. Basically THE anti Drakenblood knight shield.
I think it's mostly because the originals in Dark Souls 2 had the spirit tree shield or somethign like that, which was not really a good defensive shield as far as I remember. But yes, the Dragon Crest Shield is so much more appropriate that I always used that along with my Drakeblood set.
Because they fought miracle users and hexers in shulva. The tree shield in ds2 parries spells so its actually appropriate back then.
the tree shield in ds3 is together with the irithyl rapier more of a gimmick against the Dragonslayer armor anyway.
After resting at the Dragon Mausoleum bonfire, the first summoned knight has (probably) raised health, more absorption and does more damage. It also drops 8000 souls instead of the normal 4000.
If you haven't rested at a bonfire after killing the first knight, all the other spawned knights appear to have reduced stats and drop the standard 4000 souls.
Resting at bonfire at any time will reset the cycle i.e. the 1st knight will be stronger, and the others will be weaker & drop less souls.
The armor will only spawn on the dead knight at the Consumed Kings Garden (the dead dude where you learn the path of the dragon gesture) after killing the first knight that the Summoner spawns (the guy who drops the Drakeblood Greatsword). Who would have thought you gotta go back?
I recently tried the farming method and i think changes to the hornets ring and or other parts of the farming method or the Drakeblood Knight himself make it harder to one shot. However if you use the buff on the sunlight straight sword along with dragon roar you should be able to oneshot the guy at the 45 or 50 strength mark requires more fp though and the requirements on the SS sword as well