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Until I got a better look at his face I was 99% sure I was getting assaulted by Danny Sexbang. Also found it funny that the old cobra woman is summoning a nude dude.
Why on earth is he naked instead of wearing Elite Armor?
Because nobody dares tell him to put some clothes on
Probably because they already have one character from Astora there wearing it, must not have thought it was needed. Could also be said that perhaps his armor was stripped from his person at some point while he was dead. and that he only got his rapier back from wherever it happened to be at after the chosen undead linked the first flame after he revived.



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He was about to turn into a dragon most likely
rip u solid lad
he is wearing the pants you find near the vela statue



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I don't wanna burst your bubble, pal, but she's called Velka, in the first place. And, for the record, that loinclot is not found only near her statue, in fact it's the starting gear of Deprived class. Nothing special at all ;)
dang Zeth, you must watch Rick and Morty huh?
Why is he wearing wolnir a crown?
I think from soft just wanted to reference prince ricard, so they gave him the only crown that existed already instead of making a new one.
In the description of Wolnir's Crown it says, "Crown of Wolnir, the Carthus conqueror. Once upon a time, such things were bequeathed judiciously to each of the rightful lords." Ricard (the Rapier Champion), is a prince, presumably of one of the lands that Wolnir conquered. Therefore, the appearances of their crowns would be similar.
spent a solid amount of time trying to both poison and toxic him but couldn't seem to get it to work. after a while i said ***** it and just threw fire at him :p
Though it was some kind of joke until he proceeded to **** me with his rapier
Lol I didn't believe it was him at first. Hell yeah
He just a man....A MANLY MAN