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Nobody likes being poisoned, but in DS3 you can easily ignore the poison (just drinking a flask every while or simply using a musk)

If you'd like to get a Poison-infused weapon, you'll be very disappointed.
Poison is worthless both in PVE and PVP.
Poison arrows, poison knives and poison weapons are not worth a soul.

I don't want Poison to be OP, but this is very underwhelming and unbalanced.
What does the number that normally says 33-34 mean?
It's the effect rate for how quickly bleed or poison works



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(moved my notes to the comments seection)

Below 1400 HP = 3 HP lost with each tick. Above 1400 HP = 4 HP lost with each tick. The exact value is somewhere around 1450.
Even tested with 9 vigor, and still lost 3 HP with 381 max HP, so the minimum seems to be 3. I have no character with high vit atm, so I'm unable to test the next breakpoint (which should be around 18-1900 HP)

- It looks like normal poison does about 0.25% of the target's full hp each second.
- The Old Demon King seemingly only takes half the damage he should (in regards to his HP), but it looks like he can be poisoned twice, or by two different players (cuculus summon?)



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Some Old Demon King numbers, shouldn't be too far off the max HP value.
5300 HP = 6 HP/s # 8000 HP = 8 HP/s # 10630 HP = 10 HP/s

Also came across this (bug/glitch?) -
Poison was my favorite build in DS 2 it was strong, but not brokenly strong. Why they switched it to this is beyond me. If they made all poison like the storytellers staff type, or just straight up buffed it it would be a good improvement.
It would encourage more build variety as well
They need to create a different class of poison for weapon use. The current poison status effect is little more than an environmental hindrance meant to create a sense of urgency in the Farron Keep swamp region. In the swamp, the player can be wandering around with the status effect for more than ten minutes, making its slow damage an actual hazard in conjunction with the undead wildlife.

But the short duration of combat makes the effect useless anywhere else. We need better damage on the poison for it to be useful, yet any change to the poison found on weapons should not effect the poison in the Farron Swamp.
I believe faron swamp is designed well, increasing poison DoT will make it not any better just more annoying
Does the Resistance stat influence the actual BUILDUP rate or the DAMAGE you receive? Thanks in advance.
Wish someone had answered you, im still wondering this. Put all my resist gear on, doesnt look like the bar fills any slower...
Does anyone know if the luck stat affects the poison/toxic mist build-up rate?
Okay but how will we make poison viable?

Most of you will just say to increase its general damage in scaling with the luck stat or some similar method, but then I have to ask; what will we do about bleed then? I understand that poison isn't the best thing in the world, but imagine a build with the bleed of ds3 and the poison of ds2. Personally, it seems overpowered. Simply continuously draining a boss's health while applying large amounts of burst damage to it seems like it will down the boss in minutes if not seconds. Part of the point of the souls series is to be difficult, challenging, and rewarding for defeating those challenges. How are we going to make poison work without giving an unfair advantage to players who use luck builds? Nerf bleed? Should we, as players, decide for everyone else and crap on the builds already made which use bleed as their foundation?
It seems like the easiest method to make poison useful is to make a new stat, but doing so only for poison is absurd! We can't simply destroy the system of the game for one effect, the ds3 system seems to be very carefully balanced. But we can choose another stat that already exists to make it worth our time. Which stat, or stats, is not for me to say.
We as players are much like a part of the development team. We just operate after the games released and give our collective feedback. If we want poison to work we need to tell them how. I'm not saying that you shouldn't complain. I want poison to work too, and I complain as much about it as the next person. I just don't do anything about it because I'm fine with what I have.

And, personally, I like complaining! Makes me feel happy! So if poison is going to work, how do we get it there? There's probably something I missed and I just made a fool of myself, but I've played the souls series for a long time. HOW CAN WE MAKE POISON WORK WITHOUT KILLING BLEED?
Apparently we can\t because bleed has been nerfed and poison has been buffed xD I've been using both in pvp recently, and poison procs in abouit 3-4 hits while bleed procs in over 10 hits. I'm using the bandit knife and rotten ghru dagger, both hollow and with reisins.
your ask can be easily done : since you have a lower poison resist than bleed resist , its easier to trigger the poison and about the damage we can give a bonus damage effect which depend about ennemy max health
Maybe a DoT build? Combined with frostbite, toxic breath, pestilent mercury, and some bleed, we could make DoT viable in Dark Souls again.
i dont think the bleed effect can be called DOT because its only one tick of damage same for frostbite so you are more talking about a status build than a DOT build, also remember the pestilent mercury do only damage (still a DOT with AOE) and dont give any status effect, using ghrus weapons with high luck will poison your opponents in few hits