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I wish you could get the blue version
Same goes for the Lothric Knight Set...
rip toriel cosplay :c
We all do.
Dropped by the deacons outside of Aldrich fogwall. Easily farmable with the Aldrich bonfire.
The Deacon skirt has your character wear sandals under it right, but for some reason your character's lefs or feet under the skirt doesn't match the skin tone of your character. (Most noticeable on a character with very pale or light skin)
Whyyy do they have zombie feet?

The enemies they come from don't have zombie feet even!
You mean their shoes or?
If only it came in black and blue. I could easily use it with a hexer look but red and white really clashes with the dark. :P
I like to pair the robe with the pontiff knight crown when I go hunting for trespassers as an Aldrich Faithful. The blue/red phantom color is the closest we're going to get to the cool, dark blue colored robe that the annoying buggers tossing fireballs get to wear.
For all of you who did not get this set from Deacons of the Deep - after killing the boss just reload the game - a Deacon's body with full set will appear a few steps from the bonfire.
wrong deacon set , that is arch deacon set