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Could you post the dialogue for when your turn in this aah? I accidentally walked away as she was talking and now I missed out on lore until new game plus.
Pretty sure it's nothing new.
It's not. She says the exact same thing for 90% of the ashes you turn in. Only variance I remember is when turning in dreamcachers ashes "What woeful ash you have turned in, only a fool could have left something like this behind" Or something along those lines.
Best ash In the game 10/10 Best ashes in dark souls 3 best
best best best :D
do you have to kill Yellowfinger Hayzel for this ash to appear?
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It's funny how the meaning of the xanthous set changes with each game: in ds1 its associated with an exile chaos pyromancer, in ds2 its associated with the dark pilgrims, and here in ds3 its associated with the scholars who research the golden sorceries
Could be because of different times and eras. The original meaning could be misinterpret or misunderstood. Or someone just fancied the look without context and then made it their own.
I love how the description calls out fashion souls for being so strange
In my opinion the description is saying that heysel is not a xanthous scholar.
Just a foolish imitator.