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Got Greirat's ashes in Lothric and after that I told him where he went, but I guess he went after him cause he left the shrine. Where is he now, or these ashes?
If you already beat all the bosses you are screwed till your next run. Patches returns when you beat the next boss, presumably with some of Greirat's stash.
you found his ashes cause he's dead
So is Patches still alive after we kill him? "Did you see him passing by?"
I doubt it means that. I think it's more like "He will appear constantly in future games"


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People die when they are killed.
He doesnt die, proof in the dlc. But more to Patches background. He is searching for something and is always finding people to sacrifice to something or someone. What is his true story and why is he unbreakable? Why wint he die?
So I just turned in his ashes to the shrine handmaid in NG+ after rushing to the Archdragon Peak, but I have not killed him yet this game and i'm sure of it. Is there any explanation?
My god, this DLC. Before and even now, many players love to hate him. Now we love to hate to love him.
You monsters
Killed this mf after buying the onion bro set at the cathedral. Son of a b
fyi when you kill him while he still wears the armor you don't need to buy it (don't know for shure if he will drop the set too when you kill him afterwards) and the bridge won't go down.
You monster
I thought lapp was a different person