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By Anonymous
wouldn't it be closer to the actual character to add dark pyromancies or dark miracles? also i'd say this is more of a lvl 120 build, remove the wolf ring for it is redundant, and i would recommend the prisoner's chain in lieu of the wolf ring. i would also recommend changing the legs, since the armour set is already somewhat weak, and the legs look like chicken drumsticks. silver knight leggings would suffice.
By tzerchaos
I'd say keep the wolf ring. It's cosplay for artorias but just make the rings the +3 you get from the dlc.
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By Grim_Reaper
Quality sucks in DS3 cause everything else has more impact way, way earlier. On top of it the Artorias set has bad stats and the special moves are limited by your FP bar. Cosplay instead as an Abyss Watcher and use their weapon, the Farron Greatsword. There lies the fun.
By Anonymous
If you don't want your legs to look like breadsticks, use the Silver Knight leggings.
By Anonymous
Tried that build without knowing someone already wrote that. I'd recommend more dex as I capped to 30 str and dex and it feels like he's hitting fast and hard. Favor and steel protection is a must due to low armor protection and be wary of any magic, dark or lighting type, it has the*****tiest defences on these. I've been one shotted from elementals many times. Not fire but any other.