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I had a gargoyle flame hammer drop from one of these.
You can actually guard break the gargoyles when they use their wings as shields. Tested it myself.
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If you put some info here, do not *****ing question it with QUESTION MARK. We should get information from here but not questions to answer for you. Confirm the info or just leave it entirely. One example: Ascended Winged Knights in Lothric Castle "Can be lured?". No, they cant and same goes with normal Winged Knights. They can, however be distracted at most with Aural Decoy. I went and find out myself because you want me to get confirmation for you. "Dark Souls III Wiki Fextralife is a strong, independent wiki which needs no confirmations". The words of Limit Breakers describe perfectly this site.
I think they are immune to poison, when I used poison mist on a gargoyle stuck on the boss door it wouldnt become poisoned.
Doesn't seem to actually be immune to bleed, or even significantly resistant. Weird for solid stone.



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It isn't solid stone if you look closely the gargoyles have joints.
The ones with skull-like faces can be stunned by hitting their faces, opening them up to a critical attack; the faceless ones can't be stunned like this. All variations can be critical attacked if you stagger them by breaking their guard when their wing-shield is up; this requires one or two hits from a 2-handed greathammer, 1 to 3 hits from a Dark spell like Deep Soul or Affinity (stronger spells like Affinity need much less hits to stagger), or 3 kicks. However, this is pretty hard to do, since attacking their wing-shield usually prompts them to bash you with their wing.
I’m not sure if they are weak to magic. I got one stuck in a doorway, so I was able to shoot him in the same place from the same distance. I consistently did 78 per wooden arrow, but only 72 per moonlight arrow.
My Fire Orb also did 78 damage and I’m not specced for pyromancy. So it’s probably also resistant to magic. I just wanted to reach the bonfire so I decided to cheese him because I wasn’t certain if my build would be able to hurt him. He chased me into the room with jailers. I had already gotten all the jailers to run into the room with the wailing corpse and they stayed there. So I was able to run into one of the hallways and fire orbed him to death while he kept trying to follow me inside.