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You will get hundred of these when farming wolf grass.
And worth 5 souls...uhh
At least cracked red eyes are worth 10. And stack.
The description implies that it can block poison well, has anyone tested this? It doesn't improve your resistance when you equip it, but it could have some kind of unique effect that reduces poison buildup, or it could simply reduce / prevent poison applied when you block a poisoned attack.
think this is true.
Not sure why but infusing with blood gives it blood and more poison, but infusing with poison seems to do nothing


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does this even have a purpose in this game?
Useful 4 shield only runs.
uhm , shield only runs have almost no good choise beside two handing a greatshield or the doors... you know , this shield only have negative compared to any shields
After farming my swordgrass, I like to invade people and dump these on the ground in bulk before black crystal-ing out.
you sir have made me smile for the fact that you invade people just like me to only dump all the garbage you have so someone take it to have a use
nobody picks up the Rothschild reference here. from is illuminati confirmed
Screw you I was going to post this


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This is the best shield for low weight shields, more defence and more stability than all the others


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except in the magic defence
would've been fun if attacking this shield at close range built up poison on them, shields are boring as hell in this game
Any good for a shield damage only run?