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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

This page is missing:
Antiquated Gloves
Fire Witch Gauntlets
Grave Warden Wrap
Jailor Gloves
Sellsword Gauntlet
Please mate, learn how spaces work. I know you wrote this with good intentions and I know I'm four years too late, but it's triggering my eyeballs out of their sockets
Did not see grave warden wrap on the list as well as jailer gloves if they are there please disregard I could be dumb and blind.
jailer's gloves
Jailers Gloves and Grave Warden Wraps
you dint put grave warden wrap
even on the armor set photo there is no grave warden wrap
Slave Knight Gauntlets have 7.5 defence? Wow!
Fix your sh!t Fextralife! Don't follow Fromsoftware in stupidity race. :-D


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Fextralife is just a platform, the community adds content and makes changes. Get over yourself.



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Corrected/updated a bunch of things. Trend of change appears to be a buff to heavy armor.


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Missing Grave Warden... Took me 117 years to figure out...