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I believe after killing Havel (the apparent real one by the dead dragon later on) this man serpent will not spawn havel types anymore i farmed drakebloods for about an hour with no sign of him.
Not always the case. I killed Havel, got the club and shield, and when I came back through on the same play through the one in the Mausoleum summoned another one. Could have been a fluke though.
You are correct as it clearly states in the wiki article, Havel Knights will not be spawned by these guys after you kill the real Havel Knight by the dragon
It clearly states in the article, because of his comment, don’t you know how this kind of sites work
Drops 2400 souls on NG with no boosts. Also, there is one near the Great Belfry bonfire which can be easily farmed with very little effort. I get 5k souls/15sec and it dies in one hit.
I heard that this mob can summon you if you do something is that right???
I'm pretty sure that is not true...
when you kill the ancient wyvern it will summon you



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I was extremely dissapointed the first time I lured it down a staircase and it didn't tumble/roll down the stairs because of its stroller.
Basically a farm on a stroller.
why would they cut their set it looks awesome
because they don't use human model, this is pilgrim model (not sure, needs correction) and it is absolutely different, so it would not work
okay, not pilgrim model, but you get the idea
They also drop whips. I got it one time, and it's the only goddamn thing I've got off of them so far.
ez souls? first man serpent summoner spawns drakeblood knights, you can get behind them, infinite spawn, have fun
If you get the Mendicant's Staff, give it to the crows atop Firelink Shrine and they will give you Solaire's shield.