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These *****s *****ing never drop falchions.
I ****ing know right?


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Dadadada da dada da
Anyone else get parried by the headless, one-armed skeletons? Seems a bit silly to me, since they hardly have any stance change when they do.
yup. the headless ones can certainly parry you...somehow...
Wolf Knight's Greatsword DOES NOT prevent skeleton regen
I was going through the catacombs to check for anything I missed before I headed into ng+, and was surprised that the headless falchion skels can parry and riposte. There wasn't a windup or anything, it just parried me
yeah they can just straight up parry you when they're in their guard is up if they are one handing a sword


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Farron Greatsword do not prevent them from resurrection, I just used a +3 Farron Greatsword go through the catacombs
When I enter the Catacombs *starts playing Spooky Scary Skeletons*
Both Faron Greatsword and the Wolf Knight Greatsword do no act as blessed weapons. White eyed skeletons will still resurrect when using this weapon. These weapons do +20% damage vs. Abysal type enemies though.
Gaels greatsword also prevents them from respawning