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You can trade it to crow merchants @ the tower for a twinkling titanite
Unlimited power!!!
You can only trade it once w the crow for twinklin if thats what u mean.
The most you can wield at once is just two. Metal shields hurt more and look cooler. Though game play becomed difficult, an armored knight dual wielding shields is extremely bad *** looking.
This is easily one easy way to farm Twinkling Titanites in the game. Better abuse these privliges before we lose em!
Lol on PT #24, and *just* discovered you can trade this and a prism stone for 2 twinklies at the beginning of game. Crazy!
Should say Standard shield in stat box.
Tis a pancake.
Is anybody going to mention how this shield has an amazing weight to block ratio and is better than the round shield in every single way? every comment here is either memeing or discussing it's worth as a trading item rather than a defensive tool. Overall I would highly recommend this for starting players who have chosen classes without decent starting equipment, or for OneBros who are looking for a decent shield without having to sacrifice a ring slot for extra strength.
Just so you all know, this so called “pancake shield” is somehow better than the round shield as that guy said.
So fashionable