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By Anonymous
The magic orbs they create and have guarding them before engaging, will despawn automatically once the demon itself is dead, so just position yourself behind a pillar and avoid them while you fight. Easiest way to avoid being stunlocked.
By Roknar
I find it easier to equip kukris, bait one shot of the fireballs and then take them out. 1 kukri was enough to destroy a ball for me. Even more so when coming from the lake rather than from the sandworm.
By Anonymous
I always thought they were demonfied pyromancers.Pyromancers who sought out and/or got a little too close to the chaos flame and got mutated.
By Anonymous
I wonder if their skulls are what the warlocks mask is made from in DS2. Very similar in looks.
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By Rorik_Savant
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Good point, both are associated with dark.
By Anonymous
he can drop large titanite
By Anonymous
Totally different body shape, in addition to extra arms plus a long tail. The average Ghru have basic tools (rotten wood), whereas this creature seems to have the wherewithal to use a large metal blade.
By Bonzo
Compared to the Ghrus in the Demon Ruins, their horns and the sounds they make seems closer to ghrus than demons.
By Bonzo
And I belive the reason for their great machetes is that they simply picked them up from the corpses of the Capra Demons that lie around the Demon Ruins.
By Anonymous
Off hand the CS Rapier and hang at the Old Kings Antechamber bonfire and grind on the one in the doorway. Early game, this is a nice place to quickly grind for an almost garanteed small shard drop and sometimes a large one with high Item Discovery. Careful though, if your defense is low his Flame Whip will f-ck you up
By Anonymous
Will haunt my nightmares.
By Anonymous
At close range the attack where they spew fire in an arc will one hit you even at good fire resist and high health because every degree of the arc will hit you at this range.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
They drop three items as far as I know (I grinded one just outside the bonfire for 30ish minutes to see)Most common: titanite shards drop almost every timeSorta rare: Large titanite shards seem to drop every 5-20 deathsVery rare: Got one chaos stone the whole time I grinded that one guy.
By Anonymous
i killed em a bunch, got 2 chaos gems and one large *** shard
By Anonymous
Thanks man, was wondering what he dropped.
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