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*Teeth chittering intensifies*
These dudes spews a curse gas like Basilisks and can cause curse when you get hit by attacks.
Very susceptible to bleeding.
That should be clearified. About the Bloodborn reference I'm not so sure. Heavy shields (Havel level) make this fight an easy one as long you are carefull about the poison.
I had the one in Anor Londo fall down behind me and die from fall damage on one of my characters and couldn't stop laughing.
Happened to me too, but after the i opened the door, i thought that it died from sun exposure, since our both encounters are in dark rooms. I opened then triggered he/she and instant souls.
dont think thts possible
had this thing fall down right in front of me and scare me *****less

***** spiders man
has anyone else noticed how much this thing looks like a colossus from "shadow of the colossus"? I think it's cool if they based it off of that, it's face, yellow eyes, and fur all looks insanely similar to the "colossi"
If you hit it once in the face with most strength weapons ( i was using demon greataxe) it will stun them in one hit allowing you to easily kill them.
Was one hit enough? I did that too but I'm not sure that one hit is enough. Will try that out again. Maybe I was to passive or didn't hit the head right the first times.
I killed this beast and we died at the same time but i didn't get the ring and he didn't respawn any solution?
start a new game


wait until NG+

your welcome