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is there a way to interact with the non hostile man grub outside of rosaria's bed chamber?
you can kill it for the red soapstone
I wish, it looks so chill there, it should totally join our character and be summonable. Wud be rad.


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So on this playthrough I have not done anything for Leonhard's questline. I literally spoke to him, got the 5 cracked eye orbs, and never saw him again. My next boss is the Dragonslayer Armor (already killed Oceiros + Champion Gundyr). I went back to Rosaria's Bed Chamber and found a second non-hostile man-grub WITHOUT a staff that is sitting right next to the bonfire INSIDE the bed chamber. This is NOT the one that drops the Red Soapstone. I also cannot find Leonhard in my world anymore. Could this be a transformed Leonhard? Also, Rosaria's Bedchamber bonfire is disabled for me. I can fast travel to it, but I cannot interact with the bonfire at all after I fast travel there. I have also not joined the covenant at all this playthrough as I'm doing Sirris's questline. Any ideas as to what's happening?



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The second non hostile is Yellowfinger ;)


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Ohhh. That makes sense. How can you confirm though? Some item description?
I killed that second one and it drops xanthous crown and heysel pick. So probably Yellowfinger



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They drop Loyd talismans, marking them as unread hunters... quite unsuccessful ones at that. The were defeated and tuned by Rosaria into this form that is weak deformed and almost immobilized. Seems like a good idea to turn returning undead hunter nearly harmless. There are even holy man amongst them casting offensive miracles, that would not be strange to have holy man with undead hunting party.
The deacons who are in pact with Aldrich use only dark and pyromancy, clearly separating themselves from any relation to man grub.
Check rosarias page. Someone tried to change their characters look and reallocate more than 5 times. Text said that it was no longer possible in this life( play through) as the person would become a grub. These grub humans are probably loyal servants who changed themselves too much and eventually something went wrong and they could not become proper humans. They probably kept trying and just ended up uglier each time. Maybe Rosaria didn't know 5 was the limit at that time and kept trying to fix her ugly knights, only ending up in making them worse.
seems plausible
The non-hostile Man Grub in Rosaria's Chamber dropped Xanthous Crown and Heysel pick for me.
wierd if you have a brother he might of got the item randomiser mod
Am I the only one that finds these man-grubs attractive?
Cuddly. Very huggable
You can't be serious...
I find it disgustingly attractive indeed
Hey there big boy, heard you like man grubs....
Man Grubs attack you so you won't end up like them from using rebirth too much
I have red on reddit that you can actually do 5+ times of transform without becoming a man grub. The game will scare you saying if you do the 6th time you will become a man grub but no you do not.
That’s a big, not intentional.
Can you cast the same spell, "Spears of Light" or whatever that the article above mentioned that the Man-Grub with staff uses. That thing is pretty. I want it. Please tell me!!
The man grub near the Rosaria bonfire drops the xanthous crown and Heysel's pick. Heysel wore a cloth around her face. Could it be possible that the grub is Heysel herself?
It could be possible. Good theory
Another one to the right of Rosaria will drop Kirk's gear if you defeated him on the cathedral's groundfloor. Since he is also a member of the Fingers it most definitely are the members themselves.