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Very useful against telegraphed attacks. A dangerous way to use this spell is to use it when you're in melee range and you see your opponent prepare a big *** attack. You'll very likely take the hit, but they'll take the spell too, and will be sent on the ground.
You, however, will still be up and can try to follow with a strong spell like forbidden sun or a black serpent if you're not confident.
Pretty interesting spell to use. If you have enough slots to fill in this spell I would recommend attuning it. On my pyromancer, it does just about the same damage as the orb of Great Chaos Fireball and knocks people down, which also makes it a good choice on cliffs such as Pontiff's or the Catacombs. One thing I didn't know until actually getting used to the spell is that you can control its angle with shocking precision unlike other spells. You can aim it by any degree up or down and it will be set by a little degree left or right depending on whether you cast right or left handed, respectfully (this is very important for aiming at your feet).
The only thing I wish this spell had is the gigantic explosion from DS2. Being able to hide spell casts inside the smoke was one way to really mix-up spell casting.


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This is absurdly fun to use in both PVE and PVP but the explosion radius or cast time needs to be buffed for it to be viable.... But it's just waaaayyyyyy to fun to give up ,piece of advice on using it effectively- combo it with really anything you want but floating chaos and black serpent work best for me
Flame is at Irithyll dungeon, not profaned capital
Fun to use, but not very useful. It has a cool visual effect and knocks down NPCs along with Invaders if it connects, but it has rather short range, too long of a casting time (they'll usually see it coming and dodge), not that much damage, and a small hitbox.
This is the best spell for leveling, IMO. Sneak up on enemies in the opposite direction, time it right and knock them down over and over again, you are invincible, and it deals a ton of damage


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I don't see a lot of people talking about how it only requires intelligence... I mean, neither do the chaos spells but they use a lot of attunement slots. This spell is really good for int builds or sorcerers looking to kill fire weak bosses and enemies, and it knocks down pretty much any humanoid mob. But aside from that, it's useful in pvp as a way to distract your enemies. With the sage's ring it can be cast before exploding, so with the successive giant fire swirls it scares you're enemies into dodging in a way less predictable than other pressure spells, not to mention it's explosion radius is really hard to judge.
I think Sulyvahn didn't found the profaned flame. He rather might have created it there. Take a look at stats! Only int!
Favorite free aim spell. It's hard to do but when it lands, it's so satisfying
How is this pyro spell compared to Boulder spit spell? Range and damage wise?
Boulder has minor range and slow casting, but has more poise damage profaned flame has better range and fast casting, both damage are similar, But boulder it's better at low levels where people use shields and are still noobs, and profaned for medium_high level


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Use Boulder against melee attackers and Profaned Flame against ranged attackers