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First observations at 40/40 are.... Well, the spell blows for me. Especially in comparison to its progenitor Flame Swathe.

- Less Damage
- Less cast range (god awful tbh)
- Less AoE

Am I just bad at this particular pyromancy or does it actually suck this time around?
At 40/40 I absolutely love it. It's rly good for stun locking npcs, and comboes perfectly with sacred flame.
Seeing as pyromancy damage is increased by faith and int, and the soft cap for pyromancies is 40int and 40 faith, I'd say he's talking about 40 faith and 40 int
When u say 40/40 what stats are u talking about??


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40/40 is definitely not overkill. I also use the witches locks+5. The damage you can put out is insane. 25/25 doesn't come close to the soft cap.
40/40 seems like an overkill for pyros, since after 25/25 the extra damage seems minimal. Then again, I'm sticking to 25/25 mostly because my build is a SL100 build.


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can i use this on pvp and how would i use it
Yes, read enemies movemet, be lucky and dont track on him.
honestly i feel for pyromancy pvp you really need to know your range and aim
since most things arc.

in this case you need to know your distance.
it can be great when you are spaming spells. throwing a few orbs then throwing this spell can be perfect to get them to roll early and catch the spell after their I frames.

The 10th June patch buffed Profaned Flame, it now casts faster, and explodes faster.
Even the shield and mace heralds (kinda slow ennemies) walks out of it without any problem...
Okay so even PvE ennemies get out of it WAY to easily. You may spent all your magic (I have 300) trying to actually get a hit...why is it that almost EVERY spells suck ? It must be a joke, right ? They'll fix it, right ?
It is not acully a bad spell
You pick one of two options: 1. Try Free aim 2. GIT GUD
It's simply bad this time around, unless you go full Chaos Bed Vestiges build with 50/50 and everything, it's gonna blow hard for you.
Ffs...Lastly rings: young dragon ring, dragon ring, witch's ring and great swamp ring. (Gives +40% to both sorceries and pyromancies.)
No. Given how many abyssal enemies we have around, pyro is a pve dream. For everyone else, there's Karla and the dark pyromancies. It almost feels like From wanted everyone to go pyro.
I use a sorcerer/pyro build and it's great. I use: Court sorcerer set, staff and flame of pyromancy. Spells: Black combustion (CQC), black fire orb (main attack) , crystal homing souls mass (keep ennemies on their toes), crystal soul spear (for more resilient ennemies), hidden body (mage's best friend) and warmth (to balance my lack of estus over my ashen estus). Flask: 5 health potions and 15 mana potions. I NEVER use a weapon I'm at NG+4 atm.
Forgot Stats are: 30 vigor, 20 vitality, 10 strenght, 20 endurance, 30 dexterity, 50 attunements, 60 intelligence, 50 faith and 15 luck.
I really enjoy this spell for pve, in pvp it works okay in some cases if you time it right. It does about as much damage as every other pyromancy (excluding non-projectiles, and chaos bed vestiges but ***** chaos bed vestiges) Honestly its really great at crowd control since it can teleport a fair distance to reach the center of enemies. Its a low-medium range pyromancy that does respectable damage at a reasonable speed. It's especially helpful against the Deacons of the Deep, or really any small group of enemies, and in a lot of cases it knocks enemies down. I liked flame swathe in ds2 but I really prefer the Profaned flame, its much faster and has a pretty low fp cost, and if you're using multiple pyromancies (I have 8 slots) you may as well add it to one of your slots cuz its proven its usefulness to me multiple times.
I agree it is my favorite pyro spell in the game.
You can use it to OO stunlock your opponent.
Very useful for champions gravetender.
(not the great wolf...)
Ironically enough this thing is very useful for mages when they meet enemies resistant to magic damage. Aldrich in particular.
Useful on unsuspecting target only, anything moving even slightly will walk out of it. Way better if you free aim.
Fun, not very useful, but fun.