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why 16 points? 2 slot requires 14 pts
What talisman are u using
You should use the sunlight straight sword instead of oath, then get deep proecton if it stacks and a combat spell to mx it up.
Both of those are almost completely useless in pvp. All deep protection does is give you stamina and sacred oath only does a tiny of what you think it does. Sunlight sword being a a significantly smaller fraction still.
Better off with ToD
Tiny fraction*
Why is your damage in the image for 'R Weapon 1' so low? Im currently SL 86 and its at 733.
He probably didn't have the axe equiped
if you look closely you can see the axe in his hand through the transparency
Unupgraded, duh.
Its unupgraded
I'm doing a build like this but no shield and better armor (for fashion and damage absorption)


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Great build. Iv tweaked a few of the upgrade points here and there and Im just waiting to find a slab to +5 my axe but nonetheless he's kicking ***!
He made this build before it was posted here.. Give some credits at least.
Hey buddy I was playing dark souls awhile back and I got invaded and my L2 got parried believe it or not then me and a buddy tested it and he did it too.
its unparryable *
It actually IS parryable
Most broken weapon in the game