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Help farming 30 proof of concord kept and 10 human dregs
Psn: jorjk
How could one help you with this exactly?
You can go kill the Deacon monks outside the Pontiff bonfire... for Human Dregs
Proofs can be farmed from silver knights but I got 17 so far from Blue Sentinels, and the silver knights outside Anor Londo bonfire are total push overs.
It never works for me
Perhaps you have a Password on ?
Help me to kill the dancer


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add me on psn jone_v21
My pen is evildeeds1234567
Can someone help me with the halfway fortress please


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im on ps4 add me
psn : jone_v21
Need help :D
The covenant system sucks. Cant invade at all. Dark moon took me two months to complete.doing watch dogs and omg. NEEDS FIXED!!!
Stick to lvl 40 when you want to collect Watchdogs easily, as for DarkMoon.. the lower levels are better to farm due the amount of people having the Way of blue covenant attached. Ofcourse when you are already higher level'd I'm rather sorry for you because collecting these in higher levels is TOUGH since Gank Spanks are everywhere where you have to much disadvantage. Sticking to the lower levels gives you rather an advantage.
Most of the covens are actually low level. Warriors of Sunlight, Mound Makers, Way of Blue, Blue Sentinels, Rosaria Fingers, Farron Watchdogs. These you find between levels 1-45 but you can always end up over level the cap and never get to invade or co-op with everyone else below you. Or of course people stop replaying or newly playing the game and never find you when playing.
Then there's Darkmoon Blade, Aldrich Faithful, Spears of the Church, these are slightly higher up but never easy to take down the Host, well only if they got invaded twice.
Also you can always just plan ahead when leveling and then stop at 50, and use the covens at that. Level....
Can't log into server at all since latest update



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Perhaps it's taking a bit long to come online. Make sure your patch is downloaded and installed.
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So my power has gone out a few times during storms and I got disconnected twice from PVP. Is there any way to restore online play? I already used my circlet thing.
Another circlet should spawn at the starting point at Cemetary of ashes. It takes about 12 hours of in game time from the moment you got banned to respawn. So just let your character stand there one night and you should be fine.