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Is there a set soul level for pvp? how does the level system even work in pvp?
forget to add that
it doesn't really matter anymore because any level can play with any level
the stronger of the two will just get scaled down
I heard from a couple of youtubers and streamers that the cap will be 120
so that is what im going for some of these guys are basically well known dark souls vets and well I guess they set the trends xD


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Would love to see this build in action!
its good tbh my ar atm is 560 berly level 90 I'm not liking this cresent moon sword I only liked using cuz it had moon aswell but it don't scale with magic so useless tbh I played around with great sword of judgement but the moonlight just out scales and dmg another I would like to add is that it does mostly magic dmg so anyone not having good magic dmg gets wrekt (: my psn is seventyminusone if youre on ps4 ill show it
I discontinued the use of cresentmoon I decide not to waste that much into dex I also thought the battle art would scale with int but it doesn't. however I do recommend having an offhand weapon inother words a last hitter for me atm im using dark moon bow it does scale with magic and using moonlight arrows hurts like a truck
if youre not into a bow as off hand crystal sage rapier is what I recommend as it does scale off magic with an A
there will be a cure one day
ive tried this build out in pvp and its great, good build!
thanks really appreciate the feed back.
tryin in out right at the moment, almost lv 120 and then i go out and pvp a lot with it.
First opinion: lvling it up is a mess in the first half of the game, but as soon u have a crystal weapon and a pretty high int count (till u get moonlight greatsword), it should be fine!

(many monsters in pve have magic resist so sometimes it´s hard to deal dmg, but dmg against players is awesome!)
Thanks man really appreciate it.
Had a +8 crystal claymore and was dealing 162 damage to Oceiros. Switched to great chaos fire orb which works well against magic resistant enemies
seems like a good build , wouldn't dark edge be better then crystal soulspear(pretty slow and can be easily dodged) tho? maybe it will surprise them since most of moonlight greatsword attacks are wide arcs , also can u list the best spells for pvp based on your experience ?,magic clutch increases the dark sorcery(affinity ,dark edge) damage? or is it dark clutch ring?, thanks for the build! ,
Hm well the thing about dark edge is I feel can be easily dodged more than crystal soul spear and crystal soul spear would pack a punch it also tracks so if they roll away or towards its almost guaranteed and if they roll to the side they have double roll just to dodge the one hand r2 of moon light is a vertical arc and two hand is horizontal. also magic clutch ring does not affect dark sorcery. dark clutch does But since you do have 60 int(assuming you followed stats) you will still hit hard even if u don't have a staff that scales with dark. Imo the best spells are crystal soul spear (does 751 dmg if it hits and its a surprise attack meaning don't depend on this spell just if they running away or you been dueling and you think you will hit since its unpredictable. For the second spell it could be debatable as I like to run white dragon breath it hits around 400 moderate damage but its a linar spell sooo meaning like you said you wanna use dark edge dragon breath and dark edge to me would be used in the same scenarios.( a hall way, tight spaces or simply if you predict them rolling away or towards you its guaranteed.
for the third spell I like to run farron flash sword it basically has its own move set its great for an off hand and its fairly fast with the court sorc staff+9 and 60 int I hit 150 per hit and you can get 3 hits on them before they roll away so 150x3=450 dmg just on a trade and its fast enough to stop their hyper armor in most cases just becareful it can be parried aswell.
Also for dark sorcerys if you want to do a moonlight//dark caster i would still use a high int staff as it is stated on the wiki that you only do 40-50 less dmg than a 40/40 build with izailth staff so you can run dark edge/affinity/great deep soul. pretty good imo if you wanna play as dark caster it will be viable if you want i think great deep soul hits around 300-400 cant remember atm but it has a better track then any other spell and its quite hard to dodge so its spammable also you can just have affinity so when they run up you back dash to them my affinity hits about 1k if all 5 hit pretty op as for dark edge its fairly good i would recommend sage ring if you wanna be a dark caster since you wanna always have affinity up and cast deep soul so they can run out of stamina but i find it that soul great sword actually hits more and its harder to dodge if you dead angle it but dark edge is pretty good because it staggers them nicely (im not sure on dmg atm haven't been testing dark edge). well i hope this helps (: -SeventyMinusOne
You really need to calm it down with the run-on sentences. Use some periods.
looks cool , im trying it right now