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Does one aquire anything special upon bestowing Rosaria with a certain number of Forked tongues?
You can't offer Forked Tongues, the only thing you can do with them is pressing "Use" and transform the Forked Tongue into two Pale Tongues, making it so if you killed the blue and the host you get three instead of just one.
I keep these as a trophy, blues are such ganking trash in ds3. Darkmoons were so badass in ds1
no, no. Blues are only summoned to help, they aren't there to intentionally gank the invader. It could be worse though, you could invade someone who's summoned three phantoms and have a Blue Sent or Darkmoon summoned, making it a 5v1
theyre just tryna get the all magic achievement fam dont hate the player
Another whiney red invader.
"whiney red invader" if you read op's comment and/or had more braincells you'd see he's fine with blues, not ganking. Also a disclaimer, if you 3v1 because you're clearing the level, fine. If you've cleared the level and sit so you can get ez pz 3v1 wins, real Invaders like myself with cuck the***** out of you lmao. Never been killed by an intentional gank, I'll either kill you all, or if I can't, drain your estus and black crystal then reinvade 8^)
I didn't know you had to use them to get them I was going crazy trying find out how to get the tongues our of them... yeah


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yes, you are "idoit"
it says "consume" in the description...
*** and
Do you get these if a blue dies or if you deal the killing blow? I got one once when invading in Lothric Castle and just got one with the notification that a blue died. There didnt seem to be any other invaders though so perhaps the forked tongue is awarded to the invader if he's the only one.
as long as they die, if you're the only invader.
When they die, dont have to finish them
You can get the luscious obscuring ring with 10 pale tongues
why is that information needed here
I noticed you don't get these if you invade with the Warrior of Sunlight covenant equipped. Seems like you only get it from killing blues with Rosaria's Fingers or another covenant item that doesn't affect your invader appearance.
Two tongues. For licking both of the host's balls. Handy.