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Double-jumps in circles throwing triple projectiles and trying to one-shot you with a curved sword. Genji: Skeleton Edition.
A single swing of a scythe will break them apart. Rinse and repeat until dead.
easily parriable
No. No they are not. They can attack very fast and are extremely unpredictable. With the way parry animations work in this game, the attack has to be predictable or the one parrying just needs to execute the action ahead of time on basically a guess. They are parry-able but don't try to add in "easily" to stroke your internet ego when you know it would take quite a few encounters to be used to their movements enough to reliably parry instead of the much easier and more favorable method of just killing them with a single combo.
Guess you can't parry them then.
The Fume Ultra Greatsword works great against them. The normal attack knocks them down & the follow-up swing while they're down finishes them off, plus it swings through their hits without being interrupted (usually). Once I upgraded the sword to +5, it kills them in one hit.
They also drop carthus shield....
I hate these piece of***** enemies
Use a strike weapon such as a mace and the catacombs is an easy stroll. Not sure about other strike weapons, but the mace knocks these guys down usually in one blow and you can easily finish them while they are down in a few swings.
to farm vertable shackles. the two in the catacombs of carthus (first bonfire). two hand a curved sword (I have a dark infused painted guardian sword - so no strike) and cast iron flesh with lingering dragoncrest ring. I don't use pyro (I could) but somehow I get more shackles in close combats. they go down in seconds. iron flesh makes and a fast 2-hand weapon like painted guardian sword (any infusion) and it's done in 3 secs. problem: vertable shackle drop rate 1 %!!!!! got damit from
Resistant to fire and weak to frost! Strange undeads.



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Perhaps they're not undead. Maybe they were born like this.
Scythes knock these guys down in one hit. Arguably one of the best weapons to use against them.
You have to hit them with the shaft, it literally will deal more damage and knock them off their feet. If you hit them with the blade they just stagger.