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Ridiculously agile, hits hard and often, easily causes bleed, and gives no *****s about your shield. Easily one of the worst enemies to face in this game.
Yeah they are tough. The dual shotel wielding ones are a nightmare! Gotta get good son.
Wait until you fight the Jailer enemies in the Irithyll Dungeon. Your health gets cut just from eye contact.
It's just *******, for me they seem to be *****ing mini bosses that are harder than actual bosses like what the *****.
Yeah they're annoying. It's really inconsistent. Sometimes I can take them out fast (or not so fast) without taking a hit, and other times I'll have to heal once or twice and even come close to being killed. It's their random erratic movements that makes no two encounters the same.
Just wasted like 3 estus flasks on one of these guys. And I died anyway. No obvious weaknesses from what I can see. What the hell...
Get a decent weapon and just run and beat the ***** out of them. They have very little poise so you can generally just beat them to death without them even getting a hit.
"Get a decent weapon and just run and beat the ***** out of them. They have very little poise so you can generally just beat them to death without them even getting a hit."

Except they're very fast and can often i-frame out of your attack while simultaneously launching a way-too-fast way-too-unpredictable counterattack. I've beaten them without getting hit too, even though many of those times it involved having to actually dodge, but I'll admit they can be tough-as-hell piece-of-sh** enemies.
If you're having trouble and you have the stats try using the Executioners Greatsword, you'll be swimming in titanite shards once you finish the catacombs so upgrade it to +3 for some easy farming on NG.
Hit them with a mace. From what I can tell, it doesn't matter if it's just a standard mace or a mace +10, they crumple to the floor in one hit.
mace /hammer are the best anti undead weapons. That's why paladins for example run around with them. Probably a dungeon & dragons thing because you'll find that concept in every game
Morne's Mace weapon art (Wrath of gods ) 1 shoot them in NG++
the EGS amd FUGS(satan kill that dumb *** wep) are both great swords for skellies if you dont like hammer movesets.
What's the best way to farm these guys? Warmth is the last pyromancy I need and i don't really like PvP.
There's 3 close to the catacomb bonfire. 1 in the sewer with the rats and 2 up the steps where the grave warden ashes are. I found those the quickest to farm
Personally I enjoy annihilating them. The majority of those skeletons can be semi-snuck up upon as there's a pillar covering you from their sight or similar scenarios in the catacombs.

Get into their face, literally. Walk up close and then start ruining those guys. They stagger very easily against larger weapons.
The annoyance is real with these ones. They are so incredibly agile, it's hard to hit them when they keep jumping with my Dex build.
just grab a club...
they are annoying yes, but STRIKE weapons will make that area a walk in the park. any strike weapon will do against any skeleton
like my large club plus10 XD
I once saw a player do one of the jumps that these skeletons do, and even threw the three kukri while he did it. Was he hacking? Or is doing that flip entirely possible?
I experienced same situation before, I was so confused. I saw he has a claw one his right hand so I thought it is some weapon art but apparently it is not.
it is an ability of a dlc weapon:
Those were the Crow Quills from the Ashes of Ariendal DLC.