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By Anonymous
At first I was like: No way he killed an ancient wyvern! These have so much defense and HP. Enemy NPCs are so lame in this game.
Then he proceeded to bonk me on the head.
By Anonymous
Many ages passed, many places met, many enemies fought, yet Havel remains a chad
By Anonymous
This fight was made a joke by poison buffing a +10 battle axe. Just attack one handed while carefully blocking with a high stability shield like SoW. Once poisoned it will damage him while you circle around and wait for his shield buff to wear off. Rebuff with lightning if you want. Then last couple of hits and he's down
By Anonymous
"This fight was a joke when I buffed my gear to the max and cheesed him" I do not think anyone will argue with you on that point
By Anonymous
miss ye havel always will
By Anonymous
This npc has two phases,
Phase one: Parriable, Greater Defence, Able to be Guard Broken, and is more Passive.
Phase 2 transition: Backstab opportunity, Greater Defense, so use this time to rebuff.
Phase 2: Greater Damage, Unparriable, More aggressive, loses his Shield, Harder to guard break because they rarely block while two-handing, Try to use ranged abilities in this phase like spells, firebombs, etc.
By Anonymous
The description says he can be guard broken, flattered and pinned down. This is inaccurate u cannot break his guard
By Anonymous
Yeah you can. I just did it with the Ringed Knight city Spear. Although I do suspect he is immune to flattery.
By Anonymous
Broke his guard with a longsword quite easily
By Anonymous
Havel is easily flattered. He just got a gastric sleeve and has lost about 80 pounds.
By Anonymous
maybe you cant lol
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