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By 1mAKit10
as much as i love whats written here, i need his stats, thanks
By Anonymous
After Nameless King, by a dead dragonAlso can be (RARELY) summoned by the man-serpent summoner in the second bonfire in the peaks.
By Anonymous
Confirm. But idk if he has another drop because I died )
By Anonymous
can't stop the rockhigh quality wiki, 10/10 would make jokes about the page without fixing it again
By Anonymous
Can this guy be parried?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
only while he one-hands his weapon. if he two-hands you can't parry him.
By lentinant
Simply go back down to balcony below, to make him return to his default spot. Could be used to kill him simply by making backstabs and de-aggroing. Cheesy, but reliable.
By Anonymous
i managed to get him to chase me down the ladder and he fell, i retreated from that location and watched him climb on the ladder and fall repeatedly until he was at about 50 hp and didnt move anymore, i killed him with an arrow.
By Anonymous
I encountered a havel knight (it was definitely him) in the room near dragonkin mausoleum bonfire, where this knight guy gets summoned over and over again by the woman with the whip. The women rang the bell (I heard it), I ran past the spot where the knight spawns and killed her and after a short while, havel came up the stairs. There was none of the bell-beckoned knights to be found.My guess is, that havel can be summoned from the bell-ringing whip-swinging women at random.
By Anonymous
you would be CORRECT though he very rarely gets summoned
By Anonymous
Rarely? He got summoned the first time I got to the area with the first summoner and I died when the mound maker I summoned for coop decided to betray me.
By Anonymous
Not sure what triggered it, but I have been "invaded" by Havel. In the area where you find snake people that summon, he got summoned in instead of the Drakeblood knight. I doubt it's a glitch because it has happened more than once.
By Anonymous
It is not a glitch Its supposed to be like that.
By Anonymous
It's not even worth trying to break his shield stance to riposte. And the second he uses his Skill, he'll always two-hand his stupid club. I just stunned him a bunch of times with my Greataxe to kill him.
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