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why you don't use Brigand Set ?
Use the Estoc with sharp gem best weapon for stun locks its pretty broken atm 1.04**
It's 15 str for carthus curved sword. Great build though


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You need more STR for that sword, but cool looking build.
you dont need more to two hand it
Interested. I am waiting for the replenishment information.
"(Probably Canvas Talisman, but needs some test to be sure which is the highest spell buff talisman with 30 faith)"
Cleric's Sacred Chime 142 spell buf against 137 Canvas.
I am building this as well, I will help with any troubleshooting as much as possible. As of right now, katana's work well with this build as they have a cheap moveset (pokes and quick steps). I will be using the Uchigatana or Washing Pole (Reach) as they all allow buffs. Honestly I would suggest the Washing Pole, as it keeps the moveset, but has a ridiculously OP reach (Nearly Two Dodgerolls). People are afraid of the low durability, but NOBODY will break the Washing Pole during a duel.
Now run to the Washing Pole, everything is fine, but thinking of Onikiri and Ubadachi. If the Infused of Lightning, then will scale S(faith), C (dex), D(str). It will not give out more damage?
add: oh no. then it can not be buff by spells.
We have only 3 slots for spells, no? "Darkmoon Blade or Blessed Weapon (situational)" We can not quickly change the skill without bonfire or something I do not understand? And then act on the situation, if you do not know who will be your opponent?) Or did you mean PVE?
ok. Sacred Oath = 2 slots. and 1 of 3 to choise
So, what about this link? I would like to try this build.
add. but without armor/hand. choose your own. strength under weapon make