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dose it even drop? i tried so many times, got all other weapons, only 1 missing. must be 0.0001% drop wont bother anymore


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i tried over 3,000 runs. don't bother getting this
wow 3 whole thousand? your determination is amazing. you'd think though after 3k runs maybe your brain would have clicked in with "maybe this game is ruining my life. maybe I should go outside."
dont give up skeleton
I tried farming the only knight in the castle with a crossbow on the rafters and finally got it.
After testing the drop of this weapon with a cheat that made every drop chance to be 100%, i noticed it only drops from the cathedral knight which is in the X-themed rooftops, the one that has a crossbow, any other cathedral knight, or consumed garden or lothric castle knight dont drop this, after testing without the cheat and with 114 ID(thief base ID) it took me 13 attemps to get it, so its rare and drops just from 1 mob, have luck getting it!
same guy from the first reply, 4 tries with 410 discovery. thanks again.
oh, *****... I tried to farm this by killing the first Knight of the Deep in consumed garden. (which is in front of the elevator of consumed garden). I thought every Knight of the Deep has chance to drop this. But apparently I had to kill the ones have this crossbow. I wasted 4 days on farming this. I'm such an idiot. Your comment really helped. Thanks.
What "X-themed" rooftops? That's not very descriptive off the top of my head o.o what bonfire is it closest?
If you try to find Rosarias Fingers covenant, you'll find that X-themed rooftop as well.
I noticed the knights from cathedral have way less HP and have red instead of blue garments compared to the ones in the garden. While I have gotten the same loot from both so far, I havent had any luck with the crossbow specifically. Can someone confirm where he/she got a drop between those two?
oh, didnt see the comment section to be separately clickable^^ thanks
Would someone use their brain for something useful and describe the location of the ONLY knight that drops this? "X-themed rooftops" is a really vague and useless description.
I fixed it to the best of my ability :)
I see why this item is so hard to find, now. It's a rare and valuable "browssbow," one of the most secret black projects, meant to surpass crossbows.
Doesn't seem to be much point in this compared to the much more easily obtained arbalest. The arbalest has better damage and the same range, so the heavy crossbow's only advantage is that it weighs 1.5 less and doesn't require as much strength... I guess it might be useful for a low strength build that still wants arbalest-like performance (would need 10 vs 12 if you two-hand it), but outside of that niche it just seems inferior

This assumes, of course, that the rate of fire is identical, although I don't have the heavy crossbow to test that out.