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These things are extremely vulnerable to fire (Fire Bombs, Pyromancy, etc.)
oh god dogma lol
'Tis weak to fire!
Similar moveset speed weakness and appereance
They're literally the same, but with different textures/models.
You realise they were in DS1 way before BB, right?
Super gross, Aldrich!
I notice the most peculiar thing with these guys, while stabbing Aldrich repeatedly many times for personal reasons, that as I would be summoned and return the slimes (or whatever you want to call them) would die randomly and after doing this for about the 10th time all the slimes were dead. Do they have a timer almost where they die after a certain amount of time of is it something I am not aware of?
I'm pretty sure I've seen these things in bloodborne as well.
Drops titanite shard
To Add: These enemies came from humans who ate humans. They then became these masses of slime and bones like Aldrich. They were/are devout followers of Aldrich, so much so, they took after him in his dreadful diet.