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The first one you find before the Road of Sacrifices can actually be lured back to the elevator. If you make the elevator go back up, you can make him drop in the hole, instantly killing him. I am not sure if this was intentional or is going to be patched but try it if you have difficulties against him. You still get his weapon if I remember right.
You can simply run behind him, open the door and shoot him from the bonfire
Im stuck on this stupid guy...
I fought the knight at lothric castle and died. After getting there again it was gone ( and the rapier with out). Any idea if it retreated somewhere to the castle or is the rapier simply lost to me?
I beat him but my friend isn't the best I want to help him out against the outrider is it possible for a phantom to enter the tower?
You can't summon phantoms since the entrance is closed by a fog wall (for the phantom player). But there is a simple trick:
Run to the door behind the outrider. Use the left pillars as cover. Don't stop running until you are at the door. Open the door (the opening animation will protect you from the outriders attacks). Roll out into the open, light the bonfire and kill the outrider with ranged attacks (it doesn't get past the door).


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I dont know about that. Your friend, or any who have trouble w that one can try simply running past it, activate the bonfire, reset, then you can sneak up to it and begin the fight w an advantage.


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lure to the elevator but first activate the elevator so there is a hole and let it fall into the whole you still get the sword
The dragons can kill the one in Lothric Castle, stun locking it with fire~.
They are prone to bleed damage. After fighting one to get the Raiper when Fighting it i had the bleed resin and it suffered bleed build up damage.
you can lure this particular one up the stairs and into the dragon's firebreath AOE. if you time it right, you can drain about 80%+ of its lifebar in one go.
If you've picked up a Pyro flame and black fire orb, then this is no problem. I haven't tested other dark spells on them, but it seems dark might be more effective.



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I'm finding these guys to be among the hardest enemies DS3 has to offer and haven't really found an efficient strategy against them yet. Stay close and dodging seem to help. The overhead swing takes a while for them to recover from and the breath is a window but it can swing behind itself pretty quickly from there too.
Using Great Magic Shield on a medium shield might help. I managed to tank his full combo using the Shield of Want + Great Magic Shield without even using half of my stamina. My endurance stat is 22.