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hi, could you please add a legenda? what is light spear? a spell or a weapon? g.light spear? what is wog?
thanks, and sorry for being noob, my game is in italian language, so acronyms differ
Light Spear = Lightning Spear
G. Light Spear = Great Lightning Spear
WoG = Wrath of the Gods


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You should consider english otherwise you will have problems with wikis
personally dont even start at dark souls 1 go to demon souls
Light Spear = Lightning Spear
G.Light Spear = Great Lightning Spear
WoG = Wrath of the Gods

And how do you not know what is a spell or weapon is in this game? Is this your first Souls game? If so, then don't play this as your first Souls game. It can be real fustrating. Go back to Dark Souls 1 if you've never played a Souls game before.
Awesome,Been wondering about the Archdeacon's Great Staff damage
Soul arrow at 55 int with court sorceror staff is 242,
Soul arrow at 40 int with crystal chime is 236 (15 stat difference = 6 damage difference?!)
Soul arrow at 40 fth with archdeacon staff is 223 (better scaling than heretic staff at 40 int with 191 dmg ?!).

Lightning spear at 55 fth with yorshka's chime is 293,
Lightning spear at 40 fth with crystal chime is 275 (15 stat difference = 18 damage difference?! and even better scaling than canvas talisman at 40 fth with 219 dmg ?!).
Crystal chime dual-scale on all spells from both int and faith.
With it you don't need Sage Ring.
yes it does
does it stack with sage ring?



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So from the data presented here, we can see that a (max. upgraded) yorshka's is always better than a saint's, and the gap widen's with faith investement. Difference in WoG is 13 @ 30 FTH, 15 @ 40 FTH, 17 @ 45+ FTH.
It may be better statwise, but in PvP a talisman will always be better than a chime because of the weapon art.
At 40 luck it does 210dmg with the same conditions in the tests above. Int does not affect this staff at all. The spell buff stays at 100 making this Staff hardly usable.
After further testing the actual spellbuff seams to be around 197-203 with 40 luck. Despite this weapon buff spells dont work properly.
Seriously, these table are ridiculously clunky.
Whoever made this, this is awesome and I thank you.
Would it be possible to add the Spell Buff at 45 int / faith for Crystal Chime? Would be amazing, thank you. ^-^