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What deranged being created these horendous looking things?
What da***** is this...this....thing!?
Someone had fun making this nightmare.....
It also drops the Tailbone Short Sword
Even if these aren't weak against fire damage, I feel like it's the only appropriate way to fight them.

Fire. I'm saying we need to kill it with fire.
mercury+poison+toxic cloud then follow up with chaos fireball is my approach,gotta make sure they are dead
Tend pounds of nope in a five pound bag.
I want to talk to the non-hostile baby. He seems cute.
They're so weird and whats the staff wretch it says no location no health no damege and no jrops so where is it ?
They're all in Irithyll Dungeon. I'm pretty sure the staff one is down in the sewer area full of Jailers, in a room that has multiple wretches in it.
filthy nasty hobbitses.