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He Looks Awesome, Impressive, But Too Bad I Baited The Evelyn Giant To Shoot Him, That's a Big Flow It Has To Be Fixed!.....
I think it's intentional. There's even a spot you can hide behind some rocks and be safe from the Giant Crossbow while it takes it out for you.
Alternatively you can shut off the giant avelyn and fight him on your own, or try to deal with both at once if you've got the stones for it :)

I do think he should have a bit more HP, but maybe it is intentionally weak. It is massive and can easily one shot you with it's touch early on, but upon closer inspection it looks quite frail, and it's low HP matches up with that. I could see some builds having a frustrating time with him if he had more health, but they could always adapt a safer strategy for particular situations, which seems less necessary in most places in DS3 (DS1 anor londo archers, most people have a reliable strategy they use every time regardless of what their build does most of the time.) I think they may have decided keeping his health low was best for allowing a variety of tactics rather than 'he has a lot of HP, try cheesing him out with reliable tactic x every time'.
From soft Has To Double His HP
And Make His Resistant To Lightning and Fire
He Is So Easy To Bait, But Youu Should Avoid Him At Low Levels
Felt like more of an obstacle than an actual enemy. I just sat slightly behind him and shot him to death with arrows and fireballs while it did nothing of interest.


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I postposed the worm kill till I was done with this area, so I came back after clearing the area and shutting down the giant ballista. I am _almost_ sure I also defeated Old Demon King before attempting to actually kill the worm, so, when I wanted to, the worm was not there anymore. I haven't found any info about the worm leaving the place, I assume killing the boss makes the creature go away?


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postponed* haha
i killed it in the very end of the game after all the bosses and full clear of smouldering lake since i didnt know it drops undead bones for estus upgrade so it should be there regardless

perhaps the giant avelynn killed it somehow and you didnt get/forgot you got the loot?
Ther is a safe spot for easy ranged kill.When you first enter the area stay close to the left,get to the point where the worm spawn and stay back to the rocks before a sligtly sticking out rocks and simply keep shuting with whatever you got.
I don't understand how its hard to kill this thing with melee... takes like 30 seconds, just wait for it to do its lightning attack and run up and hit it twice and repeat. Also, don't listen to the dumbass who says don't take out the ballista. It only puts a hinderance on killing it.
It looks nearly Identical to the Rock Worms in world 2-2
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So how in the hell did someone infer that the carthus worm is a dragonslayer from the description on the lightning stake spell?